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“as a Celebrant for your wedding, let me help you create the commitment ceremony of your dreams.”

As a trained celebrant I am able to deliver a custom made ceremony, I will help you personalise your celebration the way you would like it to be.

I can conduct ceremonies during the day or under a star lit night, on a mountain, beach, boat or any location you choose.

Paula Wratten – Amara Ceremonies

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Same Sex Wedding

If you would like a more romantic and personal service, a ceremony that reflects how you feel about each other, how people see you and a celebration that allows you to show your character and style, a celebrant wedding ceremony would be perfect.

Allow your imagination freedom to express and explore a myriad of possibilities from a fantasy ceremony to something more traditional. I can suggest and help you choose your vows, readings, songs and music.

Celebrant Ceremonies

As a trained celebrant I conduct weddings and ceremonies of all kinds: Same Sex Weddings, Traditional Weddings, Handfasting Weddings, Divorce Ceremonies, Vow Renewals, Naming Ceremonies…

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Traditional Wedding

You can have your celebrations in any season, day or under the stars. If you want more romance celebrate by candlelight or by gondola, let your imagination create your ideal wedding.

If you want to have a small gathering or maybe something bigger, I can help you create the ceremony to fit in with your aspirations. Whether it is formal or informal there is something to suit any occasion, try something different, have fun and enjoy the process of creating a magical day.

Paula Wratten - Celebrant

Let me help you create the commitment ceremony of your dreams. Give me a call to arrange a conversation about arranging your perfect wedding day.
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Handfasting Wedding

A pagan handfasting dates back to our ancient Celt ancestors, the ceremony bound the couple together for one year and one day, this enable the couple to have a trial marriage to see if they wanted to make the commitment more permanent.

The tradition of tying the knot is a symbolic cord tied around the couples hands as a sign of infinity. You can have a full pagan ceremony or just incorporate some elements of a handfasting wedding

Paula Wratten - Celebrant

I am based in Sussex and working in the surrounding areas of West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Wiltshire, Dorset, Buckinghamshire. But I can travel anywhere you want to have your ceremony.

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Divorce Ceremony

Divorce can be a difficult time for couples but it can also be liberating at the same time, when couple decide to separate it is also a time of healing and acceptance. The transition into single life is often not recognised with any particular event apart from the papers to say you are now divorced.

A divorce ceremony is normally conducted in private marking the transition from marriage to being single more spiritual and meaningful, a rite of passage from one way of life to another. If friends and family want to attend we can integrate them into the process, this often helps the person come to terms with the divorce.

Paula Wratten - Celebrant

Let me help you create the commitment ceremony of your dreams. Give me a call to arrange a conversation about arranging your perfect wedding day.
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Gothic Wedding

Gothic Weddings: Wedding venues, clothing and settings are becoming more adventurous as people are moving away from the traditional white weddings to more colourful and imaginative ideas.

Gothic colours with the deep reds and purples make for an eye catching wedding event, as a specialist celebrant I can incorporate these concepts into the wedding ceremony, you may wish to have some rock lyrics or some renaissance words written into your ceremony. A gothic ceremony can be dark and brooding or blend together other elements, I will help advise you, together we can create a completely unique ceremony.