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Baby Naming Cermony

Paula Wratten Celebrant

A new baby in the family is a wonderful time for all the family, a new life brings joy to all concerned. Many parents are opting for the less traditional services and this allows the parents scope for creating a ceremony more suited to their own beliefs. This is a wonderful time to bring together friends and family and allow them to share in the blessing and naming ceremony.

You may want to encourage your other children to take part or have a traditional god-parent or earth mother as an alternative. As we welcome the child into the world prayers and blessing can be added by the family.

You can have a naming ceremony on any day of the week, the venue is entirely a personal choice. I am happy to discuss ideas with you but here are some you may wish to incorporate into your day.

  • Write a small poem
  • Create a keepsake journal
  • Name a star after the baby and bring and present the certificate on the day
  • Plant a tree
  • Get a professional horoscope

I can also offer the more traditional service or work with you towards a more bespoke naming day.

The fee will include: one or two meetings with the family, writing and planning the ceremony in accordance with your wishes, preparing the ceremony of which a copy will be sent to you for approval in advance, and conducting the ceremony on the day.

Although this is a formal baby-naming ceremony, it holds no legal status and your child must still be registered at a local registry office within the legal time span.

My Fees:

A Baby Naming starts from £395.00, depending on location, £100.00 deposit. Balance is due day before your Baby Naming date.

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Pet Ceremony

The loss of a pet can be a heartbreaking experience. Most people see their pets as family members and companions. When a pet passes the human companion may suffer loss and deep grief, they may bury or cremate their beloved pet, often people feel they need something to acknowledge the life of a pet just as you would a relative or friend. Over the years, I have had the honour of sharing my life with several dogs, cats, chickens and other beautiful animal souls. I feel they deserve a special blessing ceremony. I can conduct a small service for your pet this helps the transition for animal and human.

The ceremony will include a poem and a rite of passage for your beloved pet.

My Fees:

A Pet Blessing starts from £95.00, depending on location, £50.00 deposit. Balance is due day before your Pet Blessing date.

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New Home Ceremony

Moving into a new home or place of business can be a daunting time. Sometimes we feel as if we have moved into someone else’s space and even with much cleaning and decorating it still does not feel quite right.

A blessing can be performed to allow the new owners personality into their scared space. This blessing neutralises the home and land and allows each timeline to be healed bringing the house back to the present owners.

With over thirty years experience blessing houses I can perform a special ceremony this can be religious or non-religious.

My Fees:

A House Blessing starts from £ 150.00, depending on location with £100.00 deposit. Balance is due one week before your House Blessing date.

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Vow Renewal Ceremony

When a married couple renew their vows it is normally done on a specific anniversary or just to tell friends and family members of their ongoing commitment to each other, some couples may have experienced difficult times and this is a way of showing their love for each other.

This is a lovely time for the couple to indulge in creating a special day and re-affirm the vows they made first time around. You can choose to have your ceremony in any location as no licence is required.

I work with the couple to make this a special day for all concerned, after the ceremony you will receive a gift and your certificate of your renewal.

My Fees:

Fees: They start from £395.00, with £100 deposit. Balance is due one month before your vow renewal date.

Paula Wratten

Let me help you create the commitment ceremony of your dreams. Give me a call to arrange a conversation about arranging your perfect ceremony
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